The Rule of Stephens is coming...

It takes a long time to write a book. It takes a lot of solo hours.

Once, very early in my career, I told an interviewer that the novelists special skill was "being able to sit by oneself in a chair in front of a computer for very, very long periods of time."

That remains basically true, that simplification. But by now I also know that there comes a time when the writing is done and the process moves from solo to communal. Agents and editors get involved. A conversation starts that isn't confined to your brain. A book takes shape, a cover, jacket copy.

It feels like spring. It really does.

The Rule of Stephens is my fourth novel, my fifth work of fiction, and my eight book total if you include my very first one, the anomalous "Internet Handbook for Canadian Lawyers" that I wrote way back in 1997 with M. Drew Jackson for the legal publisher Carswell. Back when people still used Gopher Sites.

And now, number eight: The Rule of Stephens.

The Rule of Stephens. The Rule of Stephens is an axiom holding that the observable universe works in one of two mutually exclusive ways: (1) strictly in accordance with materialist principles such as advanced in the work of Stephen Hawking, or (2) by rules providing for the paranormal aberrations manifest in the work of Stephen King.

It's 2017 at the time of writing. The world has had a bracingly weird quality about it lately. Political and cultural winds blowing in freakish bursts and swirls, direction changes and sudden eddies. Are we still in the land of Hawking, as I have for so long been committed to believing? Or are we slouching our way down the slope a ways, shuffling and stumbling lower into the murky world of King?

Just so happens, my main character has similar questions, arising from the confusing truth that she survived tragedy when by any rational calculation, any reasonable human math, she shouldn't.

"The significance of being a survivor, in the case of Air France 801, for a long time lay in the simple fact that there should have been no survivors."


More to come soon...

Posted: Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017 2:49pm