August 2007

Story House - the story molecule

From several years back.

The image attached was my original conception of the novel Story House, including characters whose names later changed e.g. Freddy = Elliot. Rebecca became Esther.

Various critics observed that the book was architectural. It was a built thing. Yes, indeed it was. Here is the wacky blueprint. I largely ignored it while writing, and various aspects dropped away. But it's the only writing project I can think of that I've approached this way. Ideas, drawings, execution.

Posted: Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2007 9:00pm

The Mobile Age - Part Two: Globalism

We’ve become mobile in new ways, challenging conventional ideas about home and community. In the first of three essays, Timothy Taylor introduced four mobility archetypes of the modern era: the nomad and the settler, for whom the degree of movement is established by preference; and the refugee and the prisoner, for whom movement is determined by forces beyond their control. In this second essay, he explores how these archetypes have evolved and hybridized.
I move around a fair bit with my work. And while I love encountering new places and, especially, meeting the people who make up those places and have been shaped by them in turn, I can’t deny that I generally also dislike leaving home. As a result, my attitude towards travel is conflicted. Indeed, it often gives rise to moments of inner turbulence.
On one level, this is the joint cultural inheritance I received from my parents. I’m the product of a mother and a father who had very different modern-era experiences of mobility, and who then adapted to these experiences with equivalently different survival techniques.
Posted: Monday, Aug. 6, 2007 9:00pm