December 2007

The Merchant of Menace

From the Globe and Mail Report on Business Magazine
He's aggressive, controversial and a threat to a growing number of big-name corporations. But is lawyer Tony Merchant becoming a class action king or risking the title?
Regina lawyer Tony Merchant is the most talked-about class action litigator in Canada, having recently settled a high-profile case on behalf of former residential school students-and netted a minimum, eyebrow-raising $25 million in legal fees for his efforts. But Merchant may also be the most intense and driven individual practising law in the country today. And that is the more important detail about the man. In fact, to describe Tony Merchant as "intense" is to politely understate the matter. In court, as in person, Merchant doesn't so much mount an argument as unleash it: torrents of ideas, streams of disputation, avalanches of words. Answers to my questions routinely stretch to pages of transcription, with clarifications continuing to arrive by e-mail, fax and courier days later.
Posted: Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2007 10:00pm