June 2010

V-TARP: The Vancouver Transit Adspace Reappropriation Project

So Banksy declares street art dead and apparently nobody was listening. JermIX certainly wasn't. Working with UK import Vegas - a stencil artist of remarkable skill - Jerm has launched what many consider his most aggressive campaign ever. VTARP, it's called. Vancouver Transit Adspace Reappropriation Project. Which sounds like a black line item in the DND budget. But which is actually a guerilla program involving dozens of artists who are putting up art on public transit vehicles in empty ad space.

That's right. The white space between McDonalds and VanCity ads is being filled with art. And Translink is greatly annoyed, although also a bit impressed judging from their very formal, though very cordial letter sent to the two organizing artists.

Posted: Thursday, Jun. 3, 2010 12:01pm

Meditation at 7,500 RPM

From the July 2010 Walrus Magazine
The racetrack i’m driving is a five-kilometre, eighteen-turn road course. Looked at another way, it’s just a strip of pavement that covers some arbitrary geography before ending up exactly where it started. That’s why, I think, friends tend to roll their eyes about my fixation with auto racing, yet wax philosophical about their own interest in baseball or golf or tennis. It’s just epically pointless, they feel, to go around and around and around like that, burning up tires and brakes and all that fossil fuel.
I don’t argue. Even enthusiasts occasionally reinforce this impression of motor sports as blindingly banal. “The lead car is absolutely unique,” the famed Formula One commentator Murray Walker once noted, “except for the one behind it, which is identical.”
Posted: Monday, Jun. 14, 2010 9:17am

The Blue Light Project - The Canadian Cover

The Canadian cover of my new novel has been finalized. Scott Richardson is the designer and I think he's done a great job. The flying man is doing a parkour stunt. Wonder what he's running from? I bet it's really tense. I bet there's danger involved.

I'd buy it. Of course, I am biased.

Posted: Monday, Jun. 21, 2010 9:01pm