October 2010

Scott Sellers on The Blue Light Project

Scott Sellers is the VP Marketing Strategy for Random House of Canada. He spoke recently to Michelle MacAleese of Knopf Canada about The Blue Light Project.

Please click HERE to see the video.


Posted: Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010 8:40am

Watching the Waterfront


Timothy Taylor


It’s my central Vancouver image, which surprises people on occasion. If they’ve read my fiction, people tend to expect Stanley Park to occupy the definitive place in my imagination’s geography. But this is not so. I think of Vancouver – and I think of it often, especially when travelling – and I think of container boxes. I think of acres of jetty. I think of berths and ships sliding slowly into place under the looming cranes. I think of the port. Stanley Park may be the city’s lungs. But the Port of Vancouver is the city’s beating heart.

And I hear it beating, too. Anywhere from Seymour to Nanaimo, and roughly north of Prior.  I only have to stop myself in the middle of the day, tune out traffic and sidewalk conversation. And there it will be, both large and faint, something settling and resettling just out of view. It sounds like this: steel plates clanking, train rails and the grind of hull against old wood, the vent of steam, the scream of an ancient whistle, walkie talkie voices and the cry of gulls.

Posted: Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010 7:33am