The Wacky Pack Stories

Stories from 1970s West Vancouver, as inspired by one of the era's most dominant aesthetic memes: the subversive Wacky Pack.

Wacky Pack Stories: Hostile Thinkies

My best friend's name was Sten, as in Stendhal. As in Stendhal Beauregard-Vincent, his father having been important at one point in France. Then he (Sten's father) had decided to grow a beard, become a boat designer and move to West Van. He designed sailboats for quite a few famous people, including the catamaran that song writer was later found dead in, floating off Passage Island. The one the ferry hit. (That was the same guy who wrote the song Michael Jackson recorded. I can never remember the name, but the tune stays with me. Ba ba, baaa.. etc)

Sten and I, in school and around our street, were known as the Hostile Thinkies. I have theories where the name came from, but no real solid proof. It was from my brothers probably.

Posted: Friday, Jan. 22, 2010 9:36am

Wacky Pack Stories: Kentucky Fried Fingers

It's 1972. It's West Vancouver. It's Gleneagles Elementary school and nothing matters more than Wacky Packs. The coolest kids have them. Your tomboy pal Carrie has them. So you buy gum just to get them. And you put them on your binders, your desk, your lunch box. Your parents hate them.

That part is key. Your parents hate Wacky Packs.

Posted: Friday, Jan. 15, 2010 10:17am
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