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Blue Light Project Street Art – Part I

train tracks

Nine O’Clock Alarm Clock: Cameraman and Emma

I’ve just published a new novel about a street artist, the semi-fictional Rabbit. The book’s been getting amazing reviews.

Then the other day Banksy tweeted about it. Nice!

But this series of posts isn’t about the book. It’s about the artists in my part of the world who inspired Rabbit and make him “semi-fictional”. Artists whose work ended up in the book as photographs: JermIX, Cameraman, Rich S, A01 and legendary graffiti writer and train artist Take 5.

(There were others who didn’t want to be named.)

Please note that book is now available:

1) on AMAZON.ca
2) on AMAZON.com
3) or as an EBOOK right here

This first photo I’ll highlight is a piece by Cameraman and Emma, Vancouver artists who work with photography and sound respectively. They collaborated to make this alarm clock. It lit up bright orange and started ringing at 9:00 PM one winter’s night in the Strathcona neighborhood in Vancouver.

The sound came from dozens of dollar-store alarm clocks hidden in the weeds nearby. It sounded like a million crickets singing at once.

Wish you could have been there. People were running out of their houses and studios to stand in the street and watch.

People were talking to strangers.

People were smiling.

Unfortunately, since those little dollar-store alarm clocks aren’t very smart, the clock rang again at 9:00 AM the next morning. Someone wasn’t very happy about that and took a baseball bat to all those poor little clocks.

Still, it was a glorious thing while it lasted. It was one of the first pieces of street art I witnessed go up and “go off”. It marked the beginning of something for me. An obsession.

Also, a novel, which I’d be honored if you checked out.

The Blue Light Project is available:

1) on AMAZON.ca
2) on AMAZON.com
3) or as an EBOOK right here

Check in for Part II of this series. I’ll be looking at a piece by the mysterious, elusive Rabbit.