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What we talk about when we talk about buyers’ pain

Remember how Vancouver always used to rank top-5 in those most liveable cities lists? Yeah, I know. Most liveable if…

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Does your Myers-Briggs personality type predict Social Media Dependency?

My kid is going through the Science Fair years. In the past he’s done projects on his family history, on…

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Negative Empathy

Should writers of fiction review the work of colleagues? I avoid it personally, and my rational for doing is the…

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The Incredible Story of a Marine and his Opera I received one of the assignments of my career in 2012.…

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Writing Craft: Lessons Learned from Architecture

I worked on a novel project some years back that involved doing a lot of research into architecture. I interview…

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Writing Craft: A Taxonomy of Unreliable Characters

I get asked about unreliable characters a lot, a device that’s been used extensively in storytelling through the ages. Twentieth…

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Ai Weiwei’s New York Photographs

This is the transcript of an address given 13 Nov 2014 at the Belkin Gallery in Vancouver. — Thanks everyone…

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The Achievement Square Fridge Magnet Game

In the middle of the night, early in the third week of UBC classes, Fall 2014, a strange installation appeared…

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Paul Walker

RIP Paul Walker

Not a lot of RIP Paul Walker posts in my various feeds this morning, despite the Fast and the Furious lead…

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