Blue Light Project Street Art – Part II

Street art
You’ll Find It Where You Last Saw It… artist unknown

Is a fictional character from my novel The Blue Light Projectcoming to life? A mystery is growing here.

I’ve just published a new novel about a street artist, the semi-fictional Rabbit. The book’s been getting amazing reviews. Banksy even tweeted about it recently. Not bad. In the book there are multiple photos of street art. Most of that work is by friends of mine, artists like JermIXCameramanRich SA01 and legendary graffiti writer and train artist Take 5.

The piece pictured above, however, is by an unknown artist. It is based on a work described in the novel. Note the “Rabbit” tag on the piece at the bottom left corner. This is the subject of minor controversy in Vancouver as – since the book has come out – that tag has been appearing all over the place. Most often, it’s been going up near (or on) the work of Cameraman.


Like here, on one of Cameraman’s “Bring Back the Spring” posters.

Cameraman has grown kind of impatient about this. He’s teamed up with a documentary film crew who are running around interviewing everybody in the street art community in Vancouver.

And then this appeared in the alley behind the Monte Clark gallery:

That would be Cameraman. And yes, that would be a Rabbit trap. So things are apparently getting all serious. I just hope Rabbit – who is a character in a book, remember? – knows how to take care of himself in real life.

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