Postmodern Research

Making a promotional poster
Jerm at work…

I was honored to have JermIX do the cover of The Blue Light Project American edition. He’s just posted a great piece on his blog describing the process.

Jerm’s description of how he went about it opens a window into the two-way creative relationship that this book had with the artists who inspired it. I was absorbing their work into the novel, describing it and making it part of the narrative. But then the novel itself – specifically, pages from a very early draft – had been included in street art as far back as 2008.

Perhaps most satisfying, art I “invented” for the book has lately been appearing on the streets. I’ve now seen You’ll Find It Where You Last Saw It posters. There’s this whole Faith Wall sticker campaign that Jerm describes. There’s even a documentary film being shot about the relationship between Cameraman and Rabbit.

An interviewer suggested recently that the novel was post-modern. In the sense that authenticity and authorship are no longer concrete concepts, I was forced to agree.