The Nomad and the Refugee: a trip home in 70,000 kilometers, 18 years and 217 days

Ursula Lilly Taylor (Kuppenheim)

Ursula Lilly Taylor (Kuppenheim)

My mother passed away Mar 31, 2006, almost exactly seven years ago at the time of writing. Memories of her are still with me powerfully. And the story of how she met my father is one of those genesis-legends that I now understand to have shaped me crucially: my love of Vancouver, my affinity for travel, and maybe most of all, my writing.

On April 3, 2013, I’ll be speaking at Sam Sullivan’s Public Salon and talking a bit about my mother’s life as a refugee and afterwards, also about the remarkable, unlikely way in which she ended up meeting my nomad father. Between the refugee and the nomad, they had tens of thousands of miles of travel under their heels at that moment of their first dance at a house party in Guayaquil, Ecuador. And they weren’t quite done yet.

Sam Sullivan’s Public Salon, 7:30PM to 9:00PM, April 3, 2013

Vancouver Playhouse, 600 Hamilton (at Dunsmuir)

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