Don Delillo

Don DelilloI’m hugely flattered by some recent and heavy praise for The Blue Light Project, a “thriller that makes you think” about a hostage crisis in a television studio.

In each of these reviews, I’ve been compared to Don Delillo, who is a serious hero of mine. That comparison leaves me speechless (almost) but grateful.

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Here are the amazing review quotes:

Best of all – and here is where the writer he most recalls is Don DeLillo – Taylor finds surprising angles into his material. A man holding lives in his hands, in a position to demand almost anything, wants only to talk to a small-time journalist. Why? The answer would be unfair to reveal in a review, but it can be said that when it is revealed, what’s offered is not a neat resolution but a whole new set of questions, their implications spreading in all directions. Ian McGillis, MONTREAL GAZETTE Read the full review

The best thing Timothy Taylor has written yet. He has DeLillo-like moments here, if DeLillo were to climb out of the limousineand hang out in the back alleys for a while. Taylor has DeLillo’s knack for seeing the ¬connections between seemingly unconnected things and assembling them into a portrait of our time. Call him a street artist of the page. Peter Darbyshire VANCOUVER PROVINCE Read the full review.

Timothy Taylor is Canada’s DeLillo. The Blue Light Project really brings it into focus. Art, reality TV, celebrity – it’s all here. The last 20 or so pages are unimaginably great, some of the best writing you will read. It’s paced like a thriller, a taut thriller and in its own way, it’s that as well. But it’s also an extremely profound – and at time hilarious – meditation on our celebrity obsessed culture and our need for “reality” in entertainment. Highly recommended. Arjun Basu, Content Director, Spafax

The Blue Light Project is available now:

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2) on

3) and as an EBOOK