A New Phase in an Unpredictable Writing Career

My writing career started an unbelievable 25 years ago in an unbelievable place: banking. I can’t say it was by…

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Timothy Taylor at the Public Salon Address

Global Civic Public Salon Address

Address to the Global Civic Public Salon 3 April 2013 My mother passed away seven years ago this past Sunday.…

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Ursula Lilly Taylor (Kuppenheim)

The Nomad and the Refugee: a trip home in 70,000 kilometers, 18 years and 217 days

My mother passed away Mar 31, 2006, almost exactly seven years ago at the time of writing. Memories of her…

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1 Ordinary Cook, 35 Impossible Recipes: Outtakes from a week in the culinary trenches

My article about cooking incredibly difficult food from the most insane cookbooks of the year is running over at Cooking…

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Buster the dog

Happy Hunting

Buster, Buster. A lot of people have been through the loss of a pet. I’ve been through it before. Now,…

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Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jog

I set out to find wild elephants. That was my big idea. I pitched the story that way. I left…

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Pilgrimage Redux

Gone for a few weeks to China on a gig for EnRoute Magazine. Spotty to nonexistent internet while I’m gone.…

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A Navy SEAL on the Full Circle of Vengeance

A Facebook friend, Canadian television host Carolyn Weaver, posted a link to a fascinating 60 Minutes episode in which CBS…

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Encountering versus Constructing

I’m asked quite frequently to lecture on nonfiction long form journalism, of which I do a lot. The picture here…

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