JermIX: Don't Walk This Way (Photo by Byron Dauncey)

Notebooks: The Blue Light Project – JermIX

JermIX is one of the artists that inspired me during the writing of my new novel, The Blue Light Project. It’s possible…

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Gerriamos: the original Chef Barb Alexander design

One day, when I was about mid-way through writing Stanley Park, I took Chef Barb Alexander out for drinks at Il Capo to discuss restaurant…

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Rejection slips

Rejection Slips

I’m not bitter. It was in fact a great day when I got these. Hand written notes from real live editors.…

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Soft Skull signs The Blue Light Project

The Blue Light Project will be published simultaneously in Canada and the US by Knopf Canada and the brilliant, edgy…

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Street art by Byron Cameraman and Rich S

 The streets and walls of Vancouver’s downtown eastside have effectively been my notebooks during the writing of The Blue Light…

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The Wilde Room: Chapter 1

 The Wilde Room When the Professor died, it was Dante who called. Jeremy picked up, standing in the alcove next…

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Story House – the story molecule

From several years back. The image attached was my original conception of the novel Story House, including characters whose names later changed…

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